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Curb Appeal


Well-maintained homes and streetscapes are a sign of a healthy, vibrant neighborhood. Improving the appearance of homes as seen from the street is the purpose of the Curb Appeal program. Employees who are buying a home or currently own a home in the established area may apply for a Curb Appeal matching loan, up to $2,500 from Lancaster General Health within the following parameters:

  • Dwelling must be located in the program area defined in the Home in the City map.
  • Property must be employee's principal residence at the time of application and must remain the principal residence for at least five years from the effective loan date.
  • The Lancaster General Health loan will be forgiven at 20% per annum over five years (subject to IRS regulations).
  • Home in the City will reimburse curb appeal improvements that include any exterior improvements to the real estate. The matching portion required by the homeowner must also be made to the exterior of the home. Examples include the repair or replacement of porches, railings, doors, windows spouting, roofs, and sidewalks. Painting the exterior of your home is also included, but interior improvements are not. The program does not cover landscaping.
  • The Home in the City Curb Appeal program can be used only once. Lancaster General Health recommends that the employee submit the application for both projects together. Funds will be disbursed one time only following the completion of both projects.
  • The unforgiven balance of the Lancaster General Health loan granted under this program will be due and payable if:
    • the mortgagor ceases to be a fulltime employee (defined as a minimum of .8 FTE designation) of Lancaster General Health
    • the employee ceases to occupy the property as his/her principal residence
    • the employee ceases to be the owner of the property
  • If the employee ceases to be employed fulltime by Lancaster General Health, ceases to occupy the home as a principal residence, or ceases to own the home, it is the employee's responsibility to notify Lancaster General Health within 24 hours.


  • Fulltime (defined as a minimum of .8 FTE designation) employees of Lancaster General Health.
  • Employment of a minimum of 90 days and employment in good standing.
  • The program applies only once, regardless of how many employees reside in the household.
  • Also available to employees who already own a home and reside in the established area.
  • Officials of Lancaster General Health and those individuals classified as "highly compensated" (by IRS definition) are not eligible for this program.


  • The employee must complete the Lancaster General Health Home in the City Curb Appeal Eligibility Form and submit it to the Lancaster General Health Home in the City Program Administrator. Forms can be obtained at Lancaster General Health’s Real Estate and Leasing office located at 607 N. Duke Street or by visiting the Lancaster General Health Intranet and clicking on Human Resources and then “Home in the City.”
  • If approved, the employee must determine the scope and costs of the improvements planned. It is recommended that the employee consider engaging outside home improvement merchants to assist in the design and cost estimate.
  • Employee must obtain any required permits and determine if there are any historic area restrictions, zoning restrictions or special requirements and contact the appropriate agency (such as the City or the Historic Architectural Review Board) to review preliminary plans.
  • Employee must submit completed Home Improvement worksheet, along with a detailed scope of the proposed home improvements to the Program Administrator. The proposal should describe the plans that will be funded by the employee money, as well as the Lancaster General Health funds. The Home Improvement Worksheet can be obtained at the Alliance Property Services office located at 607 N. Duke Street or by visiting the Lancaster General Health Intranet and clicking on Human Resources and then "Home in the City."
  • The Program Administrator will contact the employee to schedule a review of the plans.
  • A Lancaster General representative will visit the home and take before and after pictures related to the designated improvements.
  • After loan approval, the Program Administrator will send the Curb Appeal Agreement to the employee for review and signature.
  • The employee will sign and return the Curb Appeal Agreement to the Program Administrator.
  • After the home improvement project has been completed, copies of all invoice(s) with proof of payment for both the work funded by the homeowner and the work funded by Lancaster General must be forwarded to the program Administrator.
  • After receiving the paid invoices, the Program Administrator will review, approve, and authorize payment to the employee for the appropriate matching fund assessment, up to $2,500.

This information is intended only as a general review of Lancaster General Health's programs. The loan will be governed by the detailed terms and conditions of the Curb Appeal Agreement. If there is any inconsistency between this program's description and the Curb Appeal Agreement, the Curb Appeal Agreement will prevail.

This information is intended as a general overview only. The terms, conditions and procedures of the programs are subject to change at Lancaster General Health's discretion. Employees are urged to seek the advice of knowledgeable legal counsel when contemplating a real estate purchase.

Any questions regarding the Program may be directed to the Program Administrator at (717) 544-5231.