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Home in the City

Life in Lancaster City offers close-knit neighborhoods, beautiful architecture, and an easy commute to work. Stroll down a cobblestone street to market. Attend a world premiere of a new play. Take your children to an ice cream festival. Art galleries, sporting events, fine dining and family entertainment are all a part of Lancaster City’s landscape. The City offers a variety of housing types, which can accommodate a range of lifestyles and interests. A number of Lancaster General Health employees already live in our neighborhood. Lancaster General Health believes that encouraging a greater number of our employees to live in the neighborhood will have a positive impact on the number of owner-occupied homes, quality of property appearances and maintenance, and an improved sense of community relations.

Lancaster General Health is pleased to offer “Home in the City,” our neighborhood housing program effective November 1, 2006. Home in the City consists of three programs: Mortgage Insurance, Settlement Assistance and Curb Appeal. The programs apply to residential properties in an established area as indicated on the attached map.

Through the program you have access to loan products designed especially for employees of Lancaster General Health.

If you are a fulltime employee of Lancaster General Health, buying a home for your primary residence within the established area, or currently own and reside in a home in the established area, you may be eligible to participate in all, or some of the following Home in the City programs:

Mortgage Insurance
Lancaster General Health provides private mortgage insurance coverage to save you money.

Settlement Assistance
Lancaster General Health offers a deferred payment loan of up to $10,000 for the down payment and closing costs. No interest payments are due for a Lancaster General Health loan and the loan will be forgiven at 20% per annum over five years.

Curb Appeal
Lancaster General Health provides a deferral payment loan up to $2500 toward exterior improvements to the real estate. Lancaster General Health’s matching funds loan will be forgiven at 20% per annum over five years.

Eligibility Forms & FAQs 
Applicable payroll taxes will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck. The tax impact to the employee will be reviewed with the employee as necessary.

This information is intended as a general overview only. The terms, conditions and procedures of the programs are subject to change at Lancaster General Health’s discretion. Employees are urged to seek the advice of knowledgeable legal counsel when ontemplating a real estate purchase.

Any questions regarding the Program may be directed to the Program Administrator at (717) 544-5231.

Home in the City Map